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Rolex Explorer II Review 2023

As far as proving that the brand’s design mantra of “form following function” holds true, it doesn’t get much more practical than this model. It’s a rugged tool watch built to go off road, into the wild or into the depths of the ocean, and it has earned a coveted reputation amongst adventurers as a reliable, sturdy companion.

Who was the first watch?

The defining feature of the Explorer II is the orange 24-hour hand, designed to help polar and cave explorers distinguish day from night. Aside from that, the Explorer II is recognizable for its polar white or effortlessly cool black dial outfitted with luminous plots and Mercedes hands. It’s a classic combination that still looks great today. Resource : https://nanadc.com/rolex-explorer-ii-review/

Unlike the Submariner, which is a divers’ watch with a focus on functionality and legibility, the Explorer II is all about form. Its case is a tad larger than the 39mm-wide reference 16570 it replaced, but Rolex managed to make the update subtle enough that it’s almost imperceptible, and the new dial, bezel, and bracelet are all a welcome refinement of the classic sports watch formula.

In terms of aesthetics, the 216570’s most noticeable difference from the previous model is that the hands and hour markers are now matte-finished instead of glossy. They’re also slightly larger and filled with Rolex’s Chromalight lume, which is super bright, especially in the dark. It’s a small change, but it makes the Explorer II more appealing to my eye and is an excellent choice that doesn’t change the essential nature of the watch.

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