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Noaeta Blog Rat Pest Control – How to Prevent Rats From Entering Your Home Or Business

Rat Pest Control – How to Prevent Rats From Entering Your Home Or Business

Rat Pest Control

Rats are among the most difficult pests to get rid of. Safe Pest Control you have a severe infestation, professional pest control is usually required to achieve adequate control. However, you can take steps to help prevent rats from entering your home or business.

Inspect your property often for signs of rat activity. Look for gnaw marks, tail drags, droppings, rodent sounds and holes chewed through food containers or drywall. If you find any of these, call Smith’s Pest Management for a professional inspection and evaluation.

Long-Term Rat Pest Control Strategies: Maintaining a Rat-Free Environment

A good first step is to use traps to reduce the number of rats in and around your home or business. Wooden snap traps with bait and a treadle are the best choice, but other types can be used as well. Make sure you set a large enough number of traps to cover all areas where rats might enter, such as under decking or porches, near drain lines and vents and in cracks in foundation walls. Use a good quality bait such as peanut butter or cat food to lure the rats into the traps and ensure that they die. If you are using poison baits, always follow product label instructions for safety and effectiveness.

Exclusion is the second important factor in eliminating rats. This is a service that many pest control companies offer, and it should be performed in conjunction with a trapping program. The goal is to block all points of entry into buildings and to repair any that are found. This should include covering all holes 1/2″ and larger with mesh, hardwire cloth, metal flashing or foam to keep the rats from re-infesting the area.

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