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How to Select Mobile Home Ceiling Fans

mobile home ceiling fans

mobile home ceiling fans fans do more than just enhance your decor and boost your indoor comfort, they also can significantly reduce your energy bill by circulating air and cooling your space. Before you start shopping for the perfect fan, however, it’s important to consider your space’s size and ceiling height. If you have low ceilings, it’s best to select a flush mount or low-profile fan so the blades don’t hang too close to the top of the room and hit people or objects when in use. Likewise, if you have high ceilings, it’s best to select an adjustable downrod option so you can position the fan at the ideal height.

Cool Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Selecting and Installing Ceiling Fans in Mobile Homes

When selecting a ceiling fan, you also want to take into account the motor’s size and energy efficiency. You should be able to find several options that meet your needs, from energy-efficient models with LED lights to traditional fans for classic style. It’s also a good idea to look for a fan with a remote control so you can easily adjust the settings.

Once you’ve selected your desired model, make sure the existing ceiling light box can support the weight of the new fan and then shut off power to the fixture. Remove the screws holding the old ceiling light to the electrical box and pull the wires free. Before you start installing the new fan, though, it’s important to check the box for a ground screw—usually a small green one—which will allow the fan to connect with your home’s bare copper ground wire.

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