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How to Find Guest Posts Sites

How to Find Guest Posts Sites

One way to write good guest posts is to find relevant websites guest posts sites. Try to use the keywords ‘write for us’. Once you have a list, look for contact information of those owners and managers on LinkedIn. Try to find a person with a title such as ‘content marketing manager’ or ‘blog manager’, and then reach out to them using social media or LinkedIn. If you are successful, you can contact them via e-mail, too.

Guest post authors can link back to their own websites, landing pages, or contact forms. Depending on the guest post site, this can mean a boost in traffic and SEO rankings. However, don’t get too carried away and post only your links. Guest post providers can charge anywhere from $20 to several hundred dollars, depending on the quality and authority of the site. You can veer away from those that charge too low prices, and find reputable ones with real reputations.

Guest post opportunities can help build your domain authority. When you write for a blog, you can include links to your site. Backlinks are inbound links that lead to your website and are considered valuable by search engines. Whether you are new to blogging or seasoned, guest posts are a valuable part of your strategy. But how do you find these opportunities? By following these tips, you will soon have a well-known blog that is well-regarded by thousands of readers.

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