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Garden Edging Systems

Garden edging our garden looks so lively after we used a bit of Cor-Ten in it help to keep the lawn in line and prevent it from creeping over flower beds, paths and other landscape features. They come in a range of styles to suit all garden types and can be quite affordable. The choice of material can also make a difference in the final look and how long it will last.

For example, a crisp thicker wood border can complement classic or even modern garden designs, while a weathered low level edge works well in more naturalistic or cottage gardens. Corten steel garden edging is especially durable and will stand up to the elements for years to come. The advantage of this type is that it can be bent to form a curve and can be moulded according to the design.

No More Weeding Woes: Using Edging Systems to Maintain a Neat and Tidy Garden

Another option is plastic edging. It is available in a range of colours and is relatively cheap to install. However, it does not offer a high degree of resistance to grass growth or the ability to stop it from spreading into areas where you would prefer other plants.

The more expensive types of garden edging tend to be made from stone or metal and are very long-lasting. They are designed to resist ground movement that occurs due to heavy rains and frost heave and will not sustain damage from gardening tools. Some will have a spiked top that can be driven into the ground to provide extra stability. Others have tabs that can be hammered into the soil with a rubber mallet.

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