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Boric Acid Supppositories

A borax suppositories  is a medication that can be used to treat vaginal yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Boric acid suppositories work by correcting the vaginal pH and helping to promote good bacteria in the vagina.

They also help to control odor and restore healthy vaginal flora. They can be used to treat BV or yeast infections that don’t respond to oral medications, but they are not the first choice in treatment.

Using a boric acid suppository is not difficult and should only cause minor discomfort. It is important to follow the instructions on the package to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.

Boric Acid for Vaginal Health: A Natural Remedy for Common Feminine Issues

Use the suppository in a comfortable position: lie down on your back or stand with your knees bent and feet about a foot apart. Gently insert one suppository into your vagina as far as it can comfortably go.

Avoid putting the suppository in your anus: This area is surrounded by highly developed two-layered inner and outer sphincter muscles. Because these muscles keep the anus closed at all times, the suppository will either stop inside your rectal ampulla, or will be pushed out if not inserted enough.

Do not use the suppository near open wounds or on already irritated or broken skin. Discontinue use immediately if you notice any irritation, redness, rash or itching.

Prevent leakages: Wear a panty liner before you use the suppository to reduce the possibility of discharge. You may also want to avoid standing up and lying down right after you have put the suppository in your vagina.

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