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Pre-Scrunched Sock Sleeve For Football

When it comes to playing football, you want your gear to be the best. That means wearing a pair of high quality socks and sleeve that won’t fall apart after one wear, or leave your feet with a build-up of moisture that causes bad odours and bacteria growth.

The key to a great pair of sock sleeve football is to choose a tighter sock – that doesn’t cut off blood flow – and a sleeve with graduated compression around the ankle and lightest compression moving towards the knee or top of the sleeve, that enhances muscle stamina and strength while enabling your legs to feel lighter. The sleeve will help your body to recover faster after a tough game, so you can keep on playing without feeling tired and aching.

“What Makes Football Sock Sleeves Different from Regular Socks

Another important aspect is the fabric that the sleeve is made of, as it needs to be soft and comfortable while fitting snugly, so your legs don’t feel irritated and are kept in good shape. It also needs to be breathable so that your feet stay cool and dry, and not cause skin rashes if worn over long periods of time. We’ve got a range of sleeves to suit your needs, including our first ever Pre-Scrunched Sock Sleeve! These are available in a range of colours to fit your team’s identity and they are now available for pre-order.

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