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Learn to Surf in Bali in a Few Days

surfing in bali

You have probably heard about surfing in Bali. However, what is the best way to get on the waves there? Well, the first thing to do is learn about the surf spots in Bali. These waves are some of the best in the world, and if you are an experienced surfer, you can learn to surf in Bali in a few days. To find the best surf spots in Bali, read on to learn about the best waves to catch in Bali.

There are several great waves to be had in Bali, and you don’t even need a surfboard to get started. You can rent a board in any of the places that rent surfboards, and if you are a beginner, you can ask the locals about the best spots. There are waves that are good for beginners year-round, but more advanced breaks can be dangerous because of sharp coral reef bottoms and dangerous currents. You should also watch out for impatient locals when you are learning how to surf.

The dry season is ideal for beginners and intermediates, so you can try some of the world’s best left-handers here. The waves here are often waist-high, so your board needs to be at least 18 inches long. But if you want a little more challenge, you can try the waves at the LV8 Resort. If you’re not quite ready for that kind of surfing, you can always try the more challenging and popular Batu Bolong beach.

Keramas is another popular spot. It’s a hollow right hander and has appeared on the World Surf League Championship Tour. It’s a right-hander that is usually better for more advanced surfers. It’s a critical wave and requires solid swell to surf. The best spots in Bali are located on the west side of the island, so you should look for them in the western part of the island.

During the dry season, the winds in Bali are very favorable. The swells will come from the west and southwest. These swells are small, but they can be quite big. The surf breaks in Bali are mainly located in the south and east parts of the island. If you’re not an experienced surfer, you should hire a motorbike that has a surf rack and head out in the wild.

For beginners, Bali’s southern coast is a paradise for surfers. Most scooters are equipped with surfboard carriers. The waves in Bali are legendary. You can sign up for a surf lesson or just learn to surf in the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking to catch the waves, you can start by checking out Kuta. Then, go to the right side of the island to catch the best conditions.

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